SHS Basketball Court to be named after Seminole legend, Leland ‘Buck’ Caffey

At the Seminole ISD Board of Trustees meeting on Monday night, Joe Stewart, asked the board’s consideration on the naming of the Seminole High School’s basketball court after Leland ‘Buck’ Caffey.


Buck Caffey, a long-time Seminole native played on the 1955 Boys State Basketball Team and then later coached the Indians. Coach Caffey had a successful tenure during his time at Seminole as the Head Boys Basketball coach; including a 1967 Regional Finalist, 1979 State Championship, 1980 Area Finalist, and 1984 District Championship teams.


“Coach Caffey made a lasting impression on so many people,” stated Joe Stewart. “Anytime he enters a place, he changes a room. He casts a big shadow. There are some people who enter a room and you say, ‘oh..there they are.’” “And then there are people who enter a room and you say, ‘OH. There they are.’ He was that kind of person.”


Superintendent of Schools, Kyle Lynch stated, “We have had multiple requests concerning honoring Buck Caffey. It’s interesting, I did some of my very first interviews with our two Athletic Directors and I asked them, ‘tell me someone who has influenced you’. In two separate meetings, both said Buck Caffey. So I asked, ‘Well, when did you play for him?’ and they responded, ‘I didn’t.’ His cast of influence is more than his players - and I find that impressive.” 


After open forum deliberation, the motion to name the Seminole High School court after Buck Caffey carried 5-0.


Congratulations and our sincerest appreciation to Coach Leland ‘Buck’ Caffey for his deep-rooted leadership and mentorship to our tribe.